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The ride seemed like it would last forever. Through it all I looked out of the window and a million thoughts was eating me from the inside.
What if it’s too late? What if he’s already gone? And if he isn’t, who says that he will listen to me?
I calculated the time that was left until the others will get on their ways. Not a lot of time, but enough to fulfill the aim which is why I’m here.
I also thought about Shanna. I probably should be feeling guilty, because I lied to her, but I don’t really care right now. I can only think about one thing. And it’s not Shanna. Maybe after today I will realize what I just did.

I barely noticed when we got to the airport. I opened the door and jumped outside.
“Hey! Come back here!”, my driver shouted.
I was in such a rush that I forgot paying him. I took the money from my pocket and gave it to him, embarrassed.
Then I kept running to the entrance. It’s very helpful that I’m pretty small, because I could get through the hundreds of people easily. Maybe I crashed at some. But I didn’t care.

I just need to find him, I kept saying to myself.
Tanned skin, black hair, muscular arms, and the last time I saw him – amazing that it was just this morning – he wore a white shirt with a heart made of roses. My favorite.
For a long time that felt like days I was looking for him, asking people if they saw him.

I was almost at my breaking point. I’ve been looking for how long? An hour? And nothing. A terrifying feeling crept slowly to my heart. What if he’s on a plane now, and I ruined it all?

Then I had an idea. If he’s not here, he’s probably at the special room; it was only for important passengers. Two years ago, when we were here together for better reasons, he taught me how to get in there. But I’m only by myself now. I was walking to the entrance of the special room, pretending that I belong there. All I need is a name. A name that can get inside.

The guy who had the list was big. Very big, so violence would not work here. I fixed my hair, opened one button in my shirt and took two empty bags and a brochure from the desk.
“Excuse me”, I said politely. “Where can I find the ladies toilet?”
“Right over there, young lady.” When he pointed at the place, he tended a bit, and I could see the name Isabel. Not enough. I need the first name, too.
“Oh thank you, sir. Would you please help me with taking out my wallet from my back pocket? My hands are holding all this stuff”, I pointed at my empty bags.
“I don’t think it’s…”, he began protesting.
“Come on… Please?”, I said to him in my most tempting voice and looked right to his blue eyes.
He smiled and did what I asked him to, but not before he placed the list of names beside him. Ray. Isabel Ray.
“Thank you so much!”, I said and took my wallet.
I went to the toilet, so my question will at least be reasonable, and also to throw my bags. Then I returned to the entrance of the special room, and said with confidence, “Isabel Ray”. I’m in. And once I’m in they can’t make me go outside.
I was proud of myself but I had to focus. I continued looking for him. He’s got to be here…
My heart stopped. I saw him. He was so… broken.
I have to reach close enough so he can hear me, but not so fast so he will also listen. I walked slowly, ignoring all the faces that stared at me. There was one person only who mattered now.

I called him with a trembling voice, “Matt”.