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He was about to run away from me. I knew that would happen.
“I need to talk to you!”, I wanted to cry, but I had to stay strong for him.
“Leave me alone. I’m sorry but I have to be alone now”, he said through unmoving lips.
“I know everything, Matt. Please don’t leave”, what I said caught his attention. “I know that they have just told you what you are. I’m like you. I’ve been waiting for three years to tell you that we’re different from the others.”
The others. I didn’t think about it. A tall blonde girl was suddenly next to him. Amy.
“Come on, Matt. We need to get out of here”, she said. We?

He followed her, a little confused, to the exit of the special room. And I was right behind them.
“Please, Matt. Don’t you see it’s wrong?” I bagged.
“Is this wrong? Would you please explain to me how this is wrong, and when your life changes by night, that’s fine?”, His voice broke twice when he spoke.
“I know it’s hard. But I have all the answers! Please, just listen to me.”
“I am.”
“Not here. And not with her.”
Amy looked at him, probably waiting for him to resist, but she didn’t know him well as I do. He just said, “I’m sorry, Amy.” Then she left, irritable.

“Now it’s just the two of us”, He said. I don’t know why, but I missed his voice.
“Do you remember the time when I was so depressed that I didn’t want to see anyone?”, I asked.
“Even not me.”, he looked right to my brown eyes when he said that.
“That was the time when my parents told me I can control what happens in other’s lives. I mean, only with my thoughts. This was the explanation to all what screwed up around me. With one reckless thought, I could ruin someone’s day. Or in the really bad case, someone’s life. At the beginning I thought, ‘what is wrong with me?’. I wanted to run away, to someplace where I can’t hurt anyone, just like you now. But I’ve learned to control my thoughts, and I’ve accepted what I am. And so you will.”
He waited a minute before he spoke. “I’m sorry, Allie. I can’t be who you are. And if I won’t leave now, it will be too late and I might hurt you, too”, I heard the anger and frustration in his voice. “You just don’t understand! Now let me go. I’m late to my flight.”
It hurt me. “If I don’t understand, who will, Matt?”
He was so close to me, and I saw the torture on his face.
In one second all the anger that was in me, changed with pain. I realized that I don’t care about the mission. If I won’t do something fast, he will leave. Forever.

“Stay…”, I whispered.
“Give me one good reason.”
“You will be ok in the end… Look at me.”
“Not good enough”. He looked at me for the last time and my heart almost got out of my chest. He started walking.

That’s it. My life without Matt. My last hope, to have someone like me… Is that what I really wanted? Would it be matter if he was normal? Something inside me answered that question.

“Because I love you!”, I shouted to him. Everyone stared at me, and I noticed that my eyes are totally wet.
“Stay… because I love you.”
It doesn’t really change anything. I said it, and I didn’t even know that this is what I feel, by now. But it doesn’t really change anything. So I let myself cry, close my eyes and disconnect from reality.

Somewhere between my tears and sobs, I heard steps moving towards me. I opened my eyes, and there he was. So close to me, one second before our lips met.

He kissed me, and I kissed him back. Using every moment that he is still here.
Then he quietly whispered to my ear, “By the way, that’s a very good reason.”